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audio track wont play sound


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hey everyone

ive been using a new macbook pro with logic studio for about a month now

and very recently ive come across this problem.


some of my audio tracks will not play any sound...!

im level 1 certified now so ive gotten past "check if the track is muted" :)

also, some audio tracks are sending audio to other tracks, even though no sends or inputs are set.


hopefully someone else has had this problem and can heeeelllpppp meeeeee!



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Wish i could answer your questions. I'm experience with Logic also and I'm having some unexplainables.


I’m having a few issues with Logic Pro 8 on my quad 2.66(5gbram):


My inputs have disappeared. I have 8 inputs on my interface but under inputs on any audio track only "1-2" is available. The others are grayed.


I’ve been using Logic for 6 years and I’m stumped. I don’t know what changed. Only thing I’ve done is import a Motif Rack XS layer in order to have instrument names available.


And . . . I opened some old Logic 7 files in Logic 8 (double clicked on them and Logic 8 opened) Every Logic 7 file seemed to have some anomaly. Like double audio tracks for one audio track- where if my audio was on a mono track 1, audio meters would respond on track 2.


Recently, no audio track plays at all! ( Mac os x 10.5.4, Logic 8.0.2, 5Gb ram)


Is this a reinstall Logic issue or something with my Logic Environment that is twisted?

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I'm embarrassed but hope any one reading my post learns and also I hope the original poster's question gets answered.


1. Just got the Motif Rack is is connected to outputs 5-6 on my machine. SO when I was running a song, I could hear the midi(Motif) through the monitors because the interface sends the inputs direct out to the monitors. I couldn't hear the audio because my audio preferences were 'built-in'. thus 1-2 being the only outputs I could see.


I don't know when the settings switch but since I'm used to using software instruments in Logic, the Rack threw me a curve. Usually if the audio interface is out, all sound would be gone and my first thought would be to check the audio interface settings. This time was a little different.


I'd be laughing my self but I have too much work to do.


woahimapro My apologies for hijacking the thread before your answer is posted. I'm still seeing the issue you mentioned on my system. I still would like to know:



What is happening with woahimapro's issue ??

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