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How to reverse audio - midi notes in Logic Pro 8

Chris Athens

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I moved to logic pro 8 from protools a few weeks ago and i was wondering how can i reverse audio regions and midi notes in the arrange area and if there is any specific plugin for this reason.In protools i used to use the reverse plugin included in the software but i dont see anything similar in logic 8.



Chris Athens. :)

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to reverse audio


double click the region to open the sample editor

functions -> reverse


to reverse "midi" (I'm assuming you're talking about an audio instrument)


because it's not audio yet, you need to make it so - either record the audio instrument on a free audio track, or solo the track and "bounce"


import the resultant audio file to an audio track


repeat the steps as for reversing audio


(also, you can get a pretty cool reverse reverb using space designer's "reverse" funsion, and having it triggered by a sound on a "silent" track place before the dry sound)

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