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First 2 songs with Logic... some feedback?


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The first one is really simple, basically doing the same things I was doing in garageband except at much higher quality.


Somehow it made front page on that website, which has a huge audio community. O_o

Second one, after pouring over SFLogicNinja's youtube tutorials, I made a much more advanced song. I learned sidechaining, how to properly use filters and automation, and learned a lot about compression, EQ, and mastering.

Dream Addiction [Trance Mix]


I'm kind of disappointed that my newer one is getting much less of a response, as I feel it is better.


I'm 18 years old, and have been making audio for over a year, but only seriously for about 3 months. I am self taught and I would consider myself a beginner. I'd like the opinion from some more professional people here, as opposed to other people my age.

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Hi there.


First I'd say Both songs are good.


In Windstorm I would ditch the bell sound or change it to less bell-quality like sound. In my opinion it is a bit annoying and gives the song a "childish" feel. I also feel that the panned synth sound in the background starting at 00:49 has some rhythmic problems in a away that it doesn't support the rhythmic feel of the song at all. Maybe if it had a faster pattern with more notes in it?

The real fun in this song begins at 2:50 where the arpeggiators kick in. That is the part which is interesting in the song (just take the bell-sound away).


The production in Dream Addiction is more "professional". This song has nice chords and sounds fit together well. The short synth sound (starting at 00:56) could be again more rhythmic as the back beat it's playing now starts to sound boring and annoying quite fast. Again I would add more complex rhythm to it and pan it rhythmically "all over" with some high resonance filter sweeps etc.


Overall this song could have more rhythmic variations and more weird synth effects so that it wouldn't end up sounding same than all other songs "out there". This song could start from the stuff that you have at 2:15 but without the back beat synth and drums. This way you could introduce the nice theme (melody) that this song has and drop it out for couple of minutes until it could kick in again later on.

Remember also that you don't have to play the same chords again and again trough out the songs. You could just leave the chords (and bass line that supports them) for the main sections and in the other sections you would have just one or two chords as a harmony.


Keep up the good work.





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