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What type of music do you mostly produce with logic?

What type of music to do you produce in logic?  

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  1. 1. What type of music to do you produce in logic?

    • Rock
    • Electronic
    • Pop
    • Sound Design
    • Soundtrack - TV, Games, Films
    • Other

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I do mostly rock/punk and metal. I know not as many people do these genres as compared to electronic music in Logic but they should. Logic is great for this stuff. VERY inspiring. Except of course for the lack of a BD. But then I manually cut drums anyway. DavidPyes method for cutting drums is great also.


HAve a good one. :D

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I like punk, reggae, ska,, electronic, indie rock, some pop (for me 'pop' is a pretty broad term, but that's a subject for another thread) .... I'm pretty new to electronic music (both as listener and producer/engineer). I wouldn't say that I record much electronic music, but I do find myself using more of those kind of techniques and incorporating them into other genres.


I think that 'electronic' is kind of outdated as a descriptor for a kind of music. It doesn't really mean much anymore IMO. OTOH, I don't really have a better word to use and I don't know my way around the subgenres either.

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Metal, mostly.


But I must admit that lately I have been trying to make a lot of Electronic music.


It's still what I would consider to be the harder type of Electronic ... but it definitely ain't Behemoth, As Blood Runs Black, or Decapitated.




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