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Dynaudio BM 6A vs BM 6A Mk II

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Hi All,


First time poster...


I've just made the switch to Logic from Nuendo and am loving it. I used to ask these sorta questions over at the Nuendo forums but it looks like this will be my new home for Pro Audio discussion so here we go...


I've owned a pair of Genelec 1031a's for the last 5 years and have now moved countries/studio's and am ready for a change. Loved the Gene's but as a lot of other users here have said, they're just too generous when it comes to candy wrapping the mixes.


After reading a lot on the forums here about monitors I've decided to go with either the Dynaudio BM 6A's or the Mk II's. Now I'm just stuck on which ones to get


The application will be for a home studio environment. Aside from the size and price differences between the two models, has anyone A/B'd both these speakers and can make a reccomendation on the differences and ultimately which ones are going to give more value for money.


Many thanks!

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