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Putting Delays on Specific Parts of Vocals?


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Hello Everyone

I'm using Logic Pro 8.0.2 and I was wondering if there was a way to put a delay on a specific part of a vocal. For example if i needed to put a delay on a world like "surround" with only the "round" part being delayed, i feel like there should be a way to just highlight that part of the vocal and place the effect on it instead of cutting the world in half and putting it on a new track to place the effect on it because that messes up the vocals alot of the times because you get clicks and stuff like that

well if there's a way please let me know

thanks and have a wondaFulday


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ohhh okay thanks, alot i just tried it and it worked XACTLY how i wanted it toooooo thank you so much you helped a great deal, this is way easier to me and it sounds so much better than cutting words in half


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