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How to change tempo of beat-mapped audio regions?


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I have an audio region beat mapped using global tracks, and I want to make the track slow down (or speed up in other instances) at certain points to a different tempo, but keep the same beat map (essentially stretch it out and slow it down) preferably with a curve of some sort.


Whenever I go to alter the tempo of this beat mapped region in the "tempo" part of global tracks, my beat-mapping information is lost (it just ignores the fact that I have beats mapped in that area).


Is there any way that I can slow these regions down?


Basically the reason I'm doing this is that I'm making a backup for a DJ set - if I mess something up while playing live, I have a "recorded" version of the set I made in Logic on my iPod plugged into an extra channel on my mixer to temporarily switch over to.


The reason I need to speed up and slow down songs (audio regions) is so that they'll be going at the same speed and will beatmatch.


Thanks - I really appreciate it.

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Beat mapping and tempo tracks don't live together. You can do them one after the other (I can't remember which has to come first) but not at the same time.


What kind of material is in the region? You could try making an apple loop out of the whole thing, I don't know..... If that worked then you could make it conform to other tempo changes, as Apple loops will follow changes in the Global tempo track.

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