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Much to Learn: Triggering loops via midi controller


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What's up all,

So here's the deal. I've been messing with Logic for the past few months, writing loop based tunes. I just got an M-audio axiom49, and I am trying to perform triger midi regions in Logic using the pads. I have read through both manuals and still have no luck. I read about touch tracks and tried to do that but I couldn't get it working.


Any suggestions?


Also, I got ableton live lite6 with my axiom, and from what I understand is that is the way to go if you're working with live performance. But I already know Logic, and like composing in Logic very much. Is there a way to have these programs communicate. i.e compose in Logic , perform in Ableton and use Logic's sounds.


Thanks in advance

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Touch Tracks work fine. Did you have the transport running when you were trying them out?


Regarding Ableton, there's nothing to "communicate" between applications. You can certainly bounce a loop or phrase out of Logic, then drag it into Live, if you want to use Live for performance purposes.

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