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Jam Packs query


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Are the Jam Packs that come with Logic Studio the exact same ones that you can get as Garageband add-ons? I only ask because if you add up the size of all the Garageband versions, it adds up to more than the 10GB that Logic quotes.


What I really want to know is will I be gaining anything by adding the Garageband versions? I ask because I'm on the lookout for more orchestral samples.


Thanks :)

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For convincing orchestra sounds, you might check this out. I've used the demo but haven't taken the plunge quite yet:


I haven't made that plunge either simply because it did not have a few of the sounds I needed most. I think Synful is great but that it is still best as an add on to other "orchestras". It has no percussion, muted strings and brass or harp. There are promises of instruments like bass clarinet and piccolo for at least 3 years.


For a full orchestra, I think the choice boils down to Kirk Hunter Ruby or Diamond if you want to use the EXS24 and EWQL Gold if you have Kontakt or don't mind the Kontakt player.


If you just need a small orchestra or fewer sounds Kirk's Emerald is good but Ruby is so much better. For some basic strings, you'll be impressed by the M-Audio Sonivox Symphonic Strings which come with exs programming.


Good luck.

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