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about to format my external HD...quick question

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my OWC 750GB quad interface external HD has arrived...in disk utility i see it was pre-formatted OSX extended (journaled). i would like to format it non-journaled (since i can't simply select it from the menu option to deselect journaling). my question is: in the "security options" section of "erase" in disk utility, which do i choose?


*Zero Out Data

*7-Pass Erase

*35-Pass Erase


my guess is the 35-Pass Erase option would take an eternity on a 750GB drive and is unnecessary for recording audio (maybe even the 7-Pass Erase would too?). is one more likely to increase stability and/or performance?



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You can disable journaling in Disk Utility without formatting:

Option-click the File menu and Disable Journaling will be available for the selected drive


hmmm...i tried that earlier (having read about it online), but for some reason the option is still greyed out, so i assumed i would have to format the drive the way i want it (non-journaled). it's almost as if the drive is "locked"--for lack of a better word--as journaled

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