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Giga to EXS convert: Mod wheel progrms not working


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I used the cdxtract to convert some giga file into exs programs. i had th mod wheel for epression. moving the mod wheel wil change the sameple groups. which luckily exs an still see but wont change samples.


how do i assign mod wheel changes to groups> ? tis particular one i want to change to the difrent sample groups (6 groups) depending where my mod wheel is.



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Depending on how the programs were, eh, programmed, you might be able to simply change one parameter and get the mod wheel working again...


The very first matrix modulation slot is usually programmed as:


Velocity-->Sample Select


Start by changing velocity to modwheel (CC#1) and see if the samples switch for you. If they do, set a crossfade amount (the parameter just above that slot) to make the samples crossfade instead of switch.


Note that when you do this you will lose velocity control over the switching of the samples (maybe that's not what you want, but I thought I'd mention it).


Now, if none of that works, it'll be due to the EXS instrument itself not having the right programming for that scheme to work.

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