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Stoopid Logic... Learn from your famly!!


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just a IMO thread....



we all wish for that extra feature in logic that we need...


some folks wish for crazy or over the top stuff...


but what about features that other apple programs have??


for example, the offline plugin editing feature (audiosuite) is not in logic but its on soundtrack pro. yeah, i know the work around in the external sample editor in logic but man...

this feature would be very cool and handy.


the other is the keycommand assignment like in final cut pro. when i saw this in FCP i was perplexed of how cool it was. w/ a keyboard layout.


and this is not in the apple family but pitch editing ala melodye which DP6 has it. that would be awesome.


well, just throwing it out there just in case logic programs think.." hmm, they dont need those features but lets check that logicprohelp.com site and see what they think." cause of course is what they do in their secret bunker ;-)

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