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Really good question about some vocal effects

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Sound to me like a ton of processing , Since I"m listening on my laptop I can't totally hear everything, but sounds like some heavy auto-tuning, I could hear a nice delay, and maybe a split harmony effect. plus the usual reverb and compression.


hope that helps.

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To me that sounds like a classic case of double tracking. An old school way of strengthening the vocals by singing the same song twice in the same key. You get a kind of chorus effect as it is the same frequency etc. This is re recorded but if she where to sing live over a pre recorded vocal track the effect would be the same.


That's what I reckon.



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Yes bro that really helps a lot I appreciate the info.

Is there anywhere You can download settings from engineers that are doing modern effects.


well, I can give you one of my tips for vocals. If you own the WAVES doubler, put it on aux track, and send some of the vocal to it, The Settings on the doubler should be + 9 cents on the right side and -9 cents on the left.


This gives you a Split harmony effect, It used to be done with two Eventide harmonizers, but today you can do it with plug ins!!


IF you are familiar with synthesizers and oscillators it is almost the same as detuning the oscillators from each other,


it producers a very wide doubled effect, which is great on Guitar as well.


Try it out.

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