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Logic 8 not recieving Focusrite Saffire Pro 10


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Here is my dilemma.

Logic 8 is detecting and recieving midi from my Focusrite Saffire pro interface.

Midi works fine. But it won't read audio inputs, no matter what I do. This has been going on for weeks, but recently it has made my device unusable. I think it is the s/pdif, because I was able to record something recently using a microphone.

I don't think there is anything wrong with the interface, so it must be logic.



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Hi there,


I have the saffire pro io 10 (and i'm presuming that's the same as yours) (8 mic pre's etc) no adat blah blah


I'm running logic 8 / pro on a 2.33 ghz macbook pro, running OSX 10.4.1


my set up using the Saffire pro io 10 works fine. That is, i can record audio via the line ins and the mic ins. I don't use it for midi (i only a have a midi controller keyboard, and that's all i need in terms of midi, so i can't comment on that).


anyhow's I know that in the beginning (which was on Logic 7 pro) i had a few problems (not specifically with receiving /recording audio into Logic) but with a very loud Tone/buzz and pop happening when i launched logic and the saffire control software.. very very odd...and dangerous as it as a FULL volume buzz/tone ...


anyhows : the resolution when i talked to saffire was 2 fold (sounded standard but hey)


1) reinstall the driver (at the time they forwarded me to a "beta version", but i think it's now the latest driver


2) then re-install the firmware, and this i must admit was a bit glitchy as i had to do it twice for some reason?


This seems to have sorted out my problems? and the interface works fine for me now.


I hope that this is of some help - and if in doubt, phone the tech support -the guys were helpful and they gave me a link to the Beta drivers site, (wasn't obvious from their main page, and there wasn't a link to it at the time)


Good luck,




ket :)

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