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How To: Auto ChopSocky

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This is another quick little video for beginners.


There are a couple of different, more efficient ways of doing this ... this just happens to be the way that I am showing!


Watch at your own risk .... if nothing else, I hope that it brings a smile to your face.




Auto ChopSocky




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@ ChicoSatis: you could always do an experiment in the name of science ... the effects of 24-hr a day, non-stop action!! Awesome! Of course, your pecker might fall off, but hey! So what! :lol:


@ m-m-m: SCREAMIN"!! No idea what the words are, though!


@ el-bo: I hope that person gets a kick out of it as well. Thanks for passing it along.


Very much appreciated, Gentlemen.

I am glad you folks get a laugh out of this .

I think that is what I am going for more so than a lesson - a laugh!

Either way, though - if you get anything from a video - I am happy with that.

Thanks so much for watching and the replies.

Take care.

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