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Importing MIDI files


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I know this seems like a total newbie question, but I have not been able to import a MIDI file into my session. And yes, I have read the manual on this subject with no avail.


I want to import a MIDI file into an already existing session. I have tried two methods with the same result:


In the first, I dragged the MIDI file from the finder into the arrangement window at the location I wanted it and dropped it. I get the error message "No Tracks Found."


I also tried the import feature, navigated to where the file was, selected it and got the same error message: "No Tracks Found."


I added both a MIDI track and an instrument track to the session, selected one or the other on different attempts and got the same message.


Help! What am I doing wrong?



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My feeling is that your .mid file is bad. But in any case, open .mid files in Logic using the usual OPEN function (not the import function). See if that makes a difference.


As another test, create a new track in Logic. Nothing fancy, just a short region with some notes in it. Create a few more tracks and copy that region to those tracks. Select the tracks, the EXPORT as a .mid file.


Close that song.


Use the OPEN function to load that .mid file into a new Logic song. Does that work?

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