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autofilter question


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I have a group of synths, sent out to a bus/aux that I want to run through logic's autofilter, at some part in the arrangement. I would like to automate the filter, 6db/oct low pass. I basically want the synth group to be unfiltered in the beginning, and slowly start to use the filter a few minutes in. However, I cannot seem to get an 'unfiltered' unattenuated sound out of the filter, with settings at 0db threshold, 0 stereo phase, 100% cutoff, 0 resonance, 0 distortion, it seems as though comparing with my ears and the bypass button that even with the 100% cutoff, which I think that all frequencies should be let through, it seems to be attenuating 10khz+ slightly which changes the timbre of the synths. Since this plug has no dry/wet settings that I can see, how can I fade in filter FX such as cutoff, phase, resonance? I do not want to use bypass automation
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