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Creating a bass guitar output to 1&2 and a sub woofa how


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I have 3 firepods that link together.


I have the bass guitars going through a bus which then goes out through 3&4 (sub).

How do I them go through 1&2 (regular stereo) and 3&4 (sub) outputs? I have a software crossover I want to put in the middle as well.


thanks -

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Just a quick question -


Can I have a bus that will adjust the main speakers and the sub - for bass only?


So Bass

Output to bus 1 (bass)

send to bus 2 (bass sub)


then bus 1&2 output to another bus (bus 3) which controls both volume for the sub and speakers.


logical? or is there an easier way

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Dig up this post - I'm still trying to get the whole mix through outputs 1&2 and the sub.


I had a plugin with energyxt - which I could drag a cable from the 3 outputs of the crossover plugin - 2 to the stereo out and 1 to the sub.


this was it http://www.kvraudio.com/get/3144.html


I'm looking for a plugin that will do this in logic and a way to implement it.



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