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Snap to playhead


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Hi, is there any possibility to snap to playhead when dragging?


When dragging a region or note? No. But instead of dragging an object to the playhead, you can use the key command called "Pickup Clock / Move Event To Playhead Position." Maybe selecting another Snap mode (from the little Snap-menu) will be good for you.



And are there some keys for moving the playhead from one sound file to the next and back?

No, but very often, you can use key commands to move to next/previous region, play from selection etc, to achieve what you want.


If you need the key command you mentioned, you can use a combination of the key commands used for going to next/previous event with "Go To Selection Start".



... or use the Logic Feedback page to request a new key command. :)

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Thanks a lot, that really helped me. :wink: Snapping isn't good in Logic, I always have to zoom in - zoom out as a fool. Or am I missing something?


Except that you need my earlier mentioned two-key command to get what you (and others) sometimes want, I think snapping is pretty easy in Logic, but maybe confusing for people coming from other DAWs?


Personally I like the idea that Logic's snap behavior is dependent on how close you have zoomed in on an event.


I don't know if you have missed something - but you have, if you haven't tried out the various options in the Snap menu! :)


As a variation of the suggestion I posted to help you get the behavior you suggested, I personally used to have the key Z to Set Locators by Objects, and A to go to left locator. This way I could select a region and press ZA to have the playhead go the the beginning of the selected region/event and have the locators adjusted to that section as well (which worked whether Cycle was on or off). Nowadays, I'm trying to slowly change my key command set to be more similar to the factory key command set - for practical reasons.



BTW, you can also alter how Logic snaps by using various modifiers when you drag a region.



A little hint: if there's something you don't find in Logic, entering a few words in the help menu (like eg. 'move' or 'go to'), and then pressing the down arrow will cause your Mac to visually bring up an animated arrow that points to the relevant menu item(s). If you press Return, that command will be executed.

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