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Crossfade trouble


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First off... yes, I did a search and I still can't find the answer to my question. So here it goes.


Let's say I have an acoustic guitar track, perfect except for 1 measure of an F chord in Verse 1. The chord was played great in verse 2, so I thought I'd just use the Marquee tool to grad the measure and option-drag or copy/paste it into the measure where I want it.


Great, that works, but there's a slight pop at the head of the edit. When I try to use the crossfade tool, it only applies a fade in to the single copied measure. Why can't I fade between the two regions?


Since it's not a comp situation, I can't flatten and have the fade auto created. How do I solve this?

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Thanks for your reply David. And for your book, by the way. It's been an unbelievable tool.


My crossfade question, however still lingers. I've tried it in all the different modes, and even in "no Overlap" it seems to not allow me to cross the fade. All I get is a fade in on the measure that I inserted.


Do you think I have a corrupt file? or is there some other little trick?


Thanks again,


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Sometimes the easiest solution is overlooked in the heat of frustration, so forgive me if I am pointing out the obvious;


When you apply crossfade, you must SELECT both regions you want to fade between. If you only select the part you have moved, the crossfade you are trying to make at the START of the region, will only be applied to the END....



Regards from Oslo,


Poppa Lars

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you dont have to select both regions.

you only select everyone BUT the last one.

with two regions, you only need to select the first one, and set "fade: X" and then value

thats crossfading with inspector


if you are crossfading with tool just be sure you are dragging it over both regions, it doesnt matter if they overlap. but its good that they are tied together so there is no gap

and you cant crossfade all over, you have to crossfade 1st region>F, F>2nd region.

try with inspector and parameters, if nothing else works just pop a screenshot in and im sure someone will find a solution

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