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Multiple Selection change in event list


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I'm using Logic Pro 8.0.2 on 10.4.11.


When I have multiple items selected in the event list and I want to set them all to the same value, I used to double-click the value in one of the events, type the number I want, then press option-shift-return. All selected events should to change to exactly the value I entered. This worked in Logic Pro 7 and earlier.


According to the Logic Pro 8 User Manual, page 445, this should work, and it does if you're changing the value using up/down mouse movements, but not to accept a numeric value from the keyboard.


I have always found this to be a great way to set all selected events to the same velocity or length. I have been scratching my head and finally devoted a few minutes to this problem, so I'd really like to know if it is something I'm doing wrong, or if everyone else has this problem.


I have already reported it to Apple as a bug.



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