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How to be sure your Logic is a retailcopy, not academic?


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Hello all!


I have a question regarding my Logic Pro 7.2's version.


My situation is as follows:


A great while ago, I bought my Logic Pro 7.2 copy second handed.

However, when looking at the original invoice, it states the Logic Pro has been bought with student's discount.(topping of the box was missing)


Now however, I would like to upgrade to Logic Studio 8.

I know upgrading is impossible with an academic version.


However, I think I have a real retail version, not an academic.(and the previous owner just bought retail with discount)

If I look at the back of my security dongle, it states 'RETAIL'


Can anyone tell me how I can be 100% sure my Logic Pro 7.2 is upgradeable?

How can you check wether your version is Academic/retail (besides the box)


Thanks in advance, this would mean a great help to me!


Kind regards

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I can confirm that an Academic version of LP7 will display an 'Academic' in the splash screen on start up.


Says 'Academic' on the USB dongle too (just checked mine in my hub)


No functional differences between Retail & Academic, except the upgrade path is delimited for the Academic.


Sounds like smooth Retail sailing Obli!

You'll love LP8 - good luck


make some Noize!

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