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New Logic users might find this useful.


The following is a quick guide how to work with Logic's windows more effectively. Mostly following is going to be Key Commands (KC) that you can set your self. I will put KC's that I have in parenthesis.


First some OS related key commands:


Command + W = Close window. (In Logic this is Close window or song)

Command + > = Change window (if you have many of the Logic's windows open this is the way to navigate through them).

Shift + W = Select next window in Logic. This is basically the same as Command + >

(Option + W) = Close Floating Window. This one is a real time saver since all plugin windows are usually floating windows.

Command + Tab = Change to different program.

Now a little workshop:


Option + K = Key Commands. Open your Key Command window and write the word "toggle" to upper right corner (where you can see the magnification glass). At the left of KC window you can see many commands that have the word Toggle in them. By assigning KC's to various windows and for even Transport you can quickly open any window and close it with the same KC. Very handy indeed.

I have for example set up the following window related Toggle commands:


(Control + 2) = Toggle Track Mixer

(Control + 4) = Toggle Transform

(Control + 3) = Toggle Matrix Editor

(Control + 7) = Toggle Transport


Now navigate to upper left corner of KC window and open the Options pull down menu. Choose Expand All. Also make sure that you have KC window's Show parameter set to All and read carefully through all Toggle commands that Logic offers. There are many very useful commands for user to learn and assign. For example:


G = Toggle Group Clutch (which disables and enables your groups so you can for example change volume setting in a grouped track).


Toggle Automation controlling Plug-in parameters.

Just to name few.


Also try the following Mixer window Toggles:


(Option + 7) = Toggle MIDI Instruments

(Option + 6) = Toggle Audio Inputs

(Option + 7) = Toggle Audio Tracks

(Option + 4) = Toggle Audio Instruments

(Option + 3) = Toggle Audio Aux

(Option + 2) = Toggle Audio Busses

(Option + 1) = Toggle Audio Outputs


...No more button pressing in the Mixer window.


I hope that this information helps people to work more efficiently with Logic.


Cheers, I

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Command + > = Change window (if you have many of the Logic's windows open this is the way to navigate through them).


Actually, this is probably assigned to "Next window" in your Logic key commands? This is not necessary since the "hardwired" OS X key commands Command-~ and Command-Shift-~ will let you navigate back and forth between the currently opened window of any applications, including Logic.

My new Logic Pro Book is out!

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