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Does choice of audio interface put limitations on logic?


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I'm running Logic 6.4 on os 10.3.7 and can't utilise the time and pitch machine because the prelisten button isn't activated when editng a sample. It will process and paste but results are haphazard because of this. The only thing the manual says is this may happen with certain audio interfaces. I am using an M-audio 410fw. Is this no good, and if so, can anyone recomend something else?
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I've never seen the "Prelisten" button work in the Time and Pitch Machine. I'm not sure which Audio Hardware you need to make it work, or if it works with any Audio Hardware.


The Time and Pitch machine is hit or miss, sometimes you will have to apply it several time to get the desired results.

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Like David, we have made many attempts to get Time 'n Pitch to behave !


Gave up. It's the one feature of Logic which is a bit dubious, which is hard to understand because they developed it with Prosoniq, and Prosoniq's PowerBundle was rock solid in this studio for 7 years !


We *ALWAYS* use an external editor for Time/Pitch work. DSP-Quattro is pretty good:





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Hey, man ! That's the competition.




So is Prosoniq Powerbundle :) Which worked very well for me in the OS9 days

too. Recently Prosoniq gave out a final free version as a free download with

serial. They claim it works in classic but I haven't got classic installed.


Anyone tried this or working like this?! (Because if it does that would be great)





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Oh, nostalgia just isn't what it used to be .............


We often tried running SonicWORX PowerBundle and Studio under classic in various guises - no joy I'm afraid. Even Freddie at Prosoniq admitted to me that there was no way it would work.


That's what prevented us from going OS X here for ages - we just thought we couldn't live without SonicWORX ! ! ! We had a certain mastered sound which DJ's liked. I suppose I was paranoid about losing their support.


PowerBundle ruled the roost here when we were Cubase + OS9.

RNE *was* damned good.

So was the multiband, once you'd got used to the frequency bands at the bottom bearing no relationship whatever to the band you were processing :D


Satur8 was one of the best maximisers I have ever heard in software.


And, getting back on thread just for a minute here, their time and pitch work was of the finest.


That's what FM presenters call a *link* .................. :roll:

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