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dotted quarter click in 6/8 or 12/8?


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Just curious if there is a feature I'm missing... but how does one get a dotted-quarter click when you're in 6/8 or 12/8?


I suppose I could just put the song in 2/4 or 4/4 and input triplets, but for notation purposes I really need to do it in 6/8 or 12/8. Logic only seems to want to click on the 8th note when I do that... at faster tempos, that's gets crazy to play with.


I know in PT, you can just set the click for a dotted quarter or half etc... I can't seem to find that sort of thing in Logic.


Any ideas?



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There isn't a dotted note click available in Logic. You can make one in a couple of ways:


1. If you just need to hear a proper click you can set the project time signature to 3/8. Then go to the metronome settings and set the bar volume setting to 127 and the beat volume setting to 0. This will give you the proper "duple" feel. Then, after you've sequenced everything you can change the the time sig. back to 6/8 and everything "should" line up OK to set up the score editor. Oh, don't forget to reset the metronome window.


2. Or, create an SI track. Instantiate a Klopfgeist as its SI. Record in 6/8 a duple click. Go to the region parameter box in the inspector and check "Loop."


I guess our German friends don't compose in 6/8 with a duple feel!

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Very interesting. So had I just used my capacity for mathematics, I'da figgered it out. Donno if I have any of that capacity left these days...


That #1 solution of yours, puttin' that sucker in 3/8 and doin' some of that metronome settings docterin', will suit me perfectly.


In the vernacular.... you rock. :D



Thanks so much!



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