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The Undo/Compare...Am I missing something?


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When I make some tweaking with my plugins in Logic Pro 8, I can't seem to find any way to "undo" the tweakings by "step by step" style? Not even with the LP( own plugins (ES2...).


Compare=it takes me back to the original settings (but if I tweak 3 settings, and want to undo ONLY the last one this Compare doesn't work right?)


Previous Setting= Well it takes me to totally wrong way (in loads previous setting and that's not what I'm afteer...)


Edit->Undo=It doesn't work for the plugins...


So is there any other way to do the "undo" in LP8?


In Reason, I can go back step by step with the Edit -> Undo


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Unfortunately there is no step-by-step Undo when it comes to plugins.


Best thing I can suggest is this: if you have a setting you like but you want to experiment with a bit more, save the setting, but save it in a folder with the name of your song. What I mean here is this: for each plug you're using, you'd be creating a folder inside the regular plugin settings folder for that plug. You can do this quite easily when you save your setting, no need to create the folder ahead of time for each plug. Then tweak some more. If you don't like the tweak, re-load the setting. Keeping your plug settings inside folders labeled by the name of the song is also a good way to keep organized.


So let's say you're tweaking Channel EQ's and ES-1. When you save an EQ setting for the first time, create a new folder (MySong1EQ) before saving the setting. Now the EQ settings folder will contain the MySong1EQ folder, within which you can save all EQ tweaks for MySong1. Same with ES-1. If you're about to tweak, before you do, create a MySong1ES1 folder within the ES-1's settings folder, and save your settings there.





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