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Logic's Arpeggiator


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I don't use Logic 8 as much as I should but when I do I find that some tasks that are so simple in other DAWS are just way too complicated in Logic. For instance, setting up an arpeggiator in the enviornment. Why is this so complicated? In Live you simply drag it before the instrument. I still cannot figure it out and I've read many tutorials on it. Also, the Ultrabeat in my opinion is, although extremely flexible, just way too complex for its own good. When I lay down my percussion, I want to do it quickly-something Ultrabeat doesn't let you do. I think Logic needs a much more simplified drum module so you can get your percussion going a lot quicker. I guess I'm just used to the simplicity of Live 7. Thanks!!!!
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Here's a basic Arp setup, look at it and simply replicate that cabling, and you'll be running in no time! Let us know if you have questions.




As for Ultrabeat, do you know about the "Full View" mode? (button at the bottom right). Aside from having to click that button when you first open Ultrabeat, I can't see how it could be any easier? Click a square on the grid to add a note, click an existing note to delete it, control-click to get all sorts of options (add every downbeat, add every upbeat, delete, random, etc etc...).

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That's a lot of Logic speak, in a nutshell...trust me, LOVE Logic...it's all I write on...but an arp as an insert plugin just makes sense to me...heck, I don't really use arps that often...prolly why I just don't bother at all...been having fun automating delays instead...no big deal.
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