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Help to choose an Audio Interface

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Hey, I'm trying to choose an USB/Firewire interface to use with Logic/Reason. And am a bit stuck in choice. These are the ones that I am looking at:







mostly considering about Saffire LE

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Forget USB, stay with Firewire. Apogee Duet, TC Electronic Konnekt, MOTU Ultralite are all great interfaces. The Duet has no MIDI in/out and only unbalanced speaker outs but the best converters, the other ones are more bang for the buck in terms of connectivity. Remember that if you're on a laptop or an iMac, which only have one firewire 400 and some one firewire 800, the Duet doesn't give you the option of daisy-chaining firewire devices because it only has 1 firewire port. All the other interfaces have 2 for that purpose.
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