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ESX24 latency


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Hey guys. I'll try and be quick! I'm experiencing a few latency issues with the EXS24. First time I opened it up and played one of my samples, it was fine, then I went to record it in the arranger. After two bars the sound cut out, and the region I was recording flickered and disappeared. Almost 2 mins later the sound caught up, even though there was nothing there. Closed everything down, restarted, checked that latency was 0s (often I find it jumping back -5ms) and opened a new project with an EXS24 track, this time using the modified TransitionFX1 preset - again with the 1/2 min delay and then it stopped sounding altogether, even when I used the CAPS instead of my midi controller (which is working fine).


Could this be due to my Macbook 2.4 not having enough space or is it something I'm doing wrong with recording the sampler? Logic's cut out and given me the system overload heaps of times this past month, often with an arrangement that's only got 4 tracks, so I don't know wether it's the same problem, and the ECXS24 is demanding more 'juice' it's not getting or if it's got something to do with my soundcard. I recently got a Roland R9 and uploaded a bunch of samples but they're small - can't see them making much difference.


Using the higher spec black MB, 2.4, m audio interface, tapcoe monitors and Guitar Rig as my sound card.


cheers :)

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Not sure what's going on here, but I doubt that the latency is specific to EXS-24. If your system has noticeable latency it's going to manifest itself globally.


The problem of sound stopping and then catching up has been reported before, though this isn't a latency issue. It's something else, though I don't know what "it" is.


What's your buffer size set to?

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