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Is this the rule of thumb? Where to place Sample Libraries?

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The best is an internal drive if you have a fast one. The second best is a fast external drive. eSATA is faster than FW800 which is faster than FW400.


Keep in mind that unless you're streaming samples in real time, the speed of the drive only influences the time it takes to open your project, not the number of samples you can playback at the same time.

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Hey David,

The reason why I'm asking all this is because I'm running my MacBook Pro with some external drives.

One 800 drive has all of my sound libraries on it.

Stylus, Ministry of Rock, Storm Drum 2, Ivory.


My logic sound library is on the main drive.


I recently bought Omnisphere & Symphobia.

Because I just replaced my old internal system hard drive with a new 350 gig, 7200rpm drive, I installed both sound libraries on my internal new hard drive.


Bad move?


My system has been kickin butt, but recently things have changed.

My system has gone from super fast to slow.

It even gets slow when I'm not even using those 2 new progams.


Any ideas?

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