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my logic is broken

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Hey, I've been using Logic since version 5 and I've never encountered such a strange problem. one day I opened a project and It wouldn't play. the only visible issue was that the track Icons in the arrange window had all reverted to some sort of weird out-dated Icons. I later realized that logic wouldn't work in anyway whatsoever. it turns out that the problems were quite deep-set. at this point I have gotten rid of all problems besides the icon issue and the inability for logic to locate my hard-drive. I had to erase my hard drive and re-install logic, but still i am plagued with a logic that does not work the way it once did. If anyone can help me out I would be so great-full it would be like totally insane.
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• Having an issue with beat mapping, can someone help?

• Triton problem

• No sound here

• Apple Loops problem: what am I doing wrong?



• Beat mapping deletes all tempo curves

• How should I connect my Triton to my computer?

• Can't hear my guitar when I arm its track for recording

• Turning audio region into apple loop: can't select "Looped"


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• Anything else we should know?


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• At which step(s) you're encountering the problem

• What the problem is exactly



• I am trying to separate my drums but it doesn't work, can anyone help me?



• I am using Ultrabeat. I want to be able to process my drum sounds individually (for example add reverb to the snare, but not the kick). I have tried demixing the MIDI region in the Arrange area using Region > Split/Demix > Demix by Note Pitch and that gives me separate tracks, but when I insert a reverb plug-in on one of the tracks, it inserts the plug-in on all of them. How can I insert a plug-in on a specific drum instrument track?


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The Logic Pro Help forum moderator team.

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