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Reverse noob question


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OMG i cant believe i have to come on here to ask this but i cannot seem to find it, not even in the manual.

I have just recorded some notes on my midi controller, now i want to reverse some of those notes in the piano roll editor. Should be so simple but i cant seem to find it :roll:

Any help will be much appreciated as im going insane here

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I'm sure someone will tell me if I'm wrong but there's no such thing as reversing midi notes. You can revers the sample being triggered though but that sould only work if your using a sampler . . .


Otherwise the easiest way would be to bounce the midi to audio, cut out the notes you want to revers and use the sample editor to reverse them. I think it goes something like this (I don't have Logic in front of me):


Cut a note that you want to reverse with the scissors tool and make sure it is trimmed as close to the beginning and end of the note as possible, select the region that you just cut out and go to the "regions" menu and select make region into new audio file. name the region something like "G# reverse" then double click the region to open it in the sample editor. Go to "factory" and select "reverse region".


Do that with all the notes you want reversed.



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Actually you can reverse midi notes; this has been available in Logic for as long as I can recall (which is pretty long). The note positions will be reversed but the sound, obviously, will not. So if you have recorded the notes, let’s say, C, D, E, F & G. After reversal you’ll have G, F, E, D, & C.


If that’s what you’re after then: select the region you want to reverse. Call up the transform window (default keys = Command + 4). Call up the reverse preset; it’s in the preset list in the top left.


If you want reverse the whole sound to get that backwards tape effect then that’s fairly straight forward too. Bounce the regions you want to reverse. Bring the bounced audio back into your project. Open in the sample editor. Go to Functions > Reverse. This will reverse the audio file for you.



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