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MIDI controller to display mute/solo status of tracks


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Hello, I have been looking through the documentation and forums, but could not find a solution to the follwing problem:


I have a faderfox LV2, a great little unit that also features two rows of buttons, each with a LED-light as indicator, whether the button is pressed or not. I know, the faderfox is optimized for Ableton Live, but I am trying to mimick some of the behaviour here: In Live (even in Version 4, where there were no explicit control surfaces) I can e.g. map the buttons to toggle the mute status of a track (in Logic speak Channel Strip). The LEDs light up accordingly.


The buttons send Note on when pressed, note off when released. Ableton sends corresponding Note events when I click on the mute button so even if I mute the track through the GUI, the correct status is transmitted to the faderfox and the buttons light accordingly.


The question now is: how do I get that behaviour in logic. When I change the mute-status of a Channel Strip, send out certain note on/note off values. Is this possible with the environment? Or even easier directly through the Controller Assignment Window (although I have looked everwhere and could not find anything)? Btw. I have Logic Express 8.

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Hey, it does indeed work with the environment. Clicking the mute button creates an event, that one can transform to the needed note on/note off events. The only thing is, I need to setup every Channel Strip to route through that transformer.


Is there any default connection for every Channel Strip, that I can grab those events from? Because else I either have to set up every new Channel Strip manually or create a default template with a fixed set of Channel Strips. Both are not the most appealing options…

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