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Help recording guitar

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Hey Guys I just bought the iStudio Link to record guitar. It plugs right into my Mic input.




My problem is I seem to be getting a lot of hiss when I try to get volume. What steps should I take to make sure I get a good clean tone from this simple product? Never had a problem when recording midi.



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unfortunately, the simplicity of the product might be the cause of the issue. For the studio link to sound its best, make sure you have the cleanest signal chain possible. Check your cable to make sure it's not the problem, make sure the input jack is clean, and be prepared for not super sound quality...Your other options would probably trying to use plugins to manage the hiss or background noise. I bought one for quick tracking but found it practically unusable. Now if i have to do direct recording i use my podxt though an interface....
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That thing is 50 bucks. You get what you pay for.


Get Line6 GearBox Gold edition while they last (Amazon, Sweetwater, other places), you get a free upgrade to PodFarm platinum as well. The USB interface is decent/good for guitar recordings. Can't complain for that kind of %99 deal. Not to speak of 80 amp simulations, 20 cab simulations, 80+ effects and so on...


PS: Got the free PodFarm Platinum upgrade last night -- as a guitar player, bliss bliss!

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