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When are VI's not using up cpu power?


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I know that when you mute a track in the arrange window that's using a VI that it then frees the computer of the VI's cpu. What about the unused VI's one might have in their mixer and/or environment? If I have a template with various VI's, Kontakt, RMX, etc, are they really disabled if you just option click them in the channel strip? Somehow I don't think this is true because i can't see Kontakt reloading samples if I unbypass it. Seems that the samples are loaded and ready to go. Just checking. Thanks for clarifying this.
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Muting a channel wont free up power, BYPASSING it wil, and FREEZING the channel will.


Im no software soecialist, but my guess is that when you bypass the instruments, it cuts off any tie from the processor to the application.....or something.

Thanks. But, what's the deal with the preference setting for Track mute solo which says "CPU Saving (slow response)"? I thought that bypassed the instrument?

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Yes: muting the track in CPU-saving mode, or simply muting the regions (in any mode) means the instrument is no longer using the CPU. Samples are loaded in RAM. Loading them/unloading them doesn't necessarily mean you're using CPU: they could be loaded in RAM but the sampler is inactive, not using any CPU.

Thanks for clarifying. I just did a little test using BFD2. Tried muting it in the arrange and the 8th bar of my cpu meter went way down but not all the way down. When I bypassed it however in the mixer it went all the way down. So, it must be that the arrange window frees up much of the cpu, but not all of it, while bypassing frees it all up.


I remember reading an interview with a film composer who said that if he's using the same instruments from one cue to the other the load in time is fast because logic doesn't purge the samples stored in ram. That must be why you can bypass and un bypass something and it plays immediately.

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