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opening old logic project in logic 8


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I'm quite desperate. I have an old recording from one of the last version of logic for windows and of course i don't have that version (Long ago we said goodbye to that). (I used cubase since then and switched to mac 2 years ago and to logic since version 8)

Before I bought logic 8, i demoed the express version way back (1-2 years ago), which opened that project fine (i guess it was version 7, don;t remember anymore).


I'm in the need to remix that old project and logic 8 tells me that It can't open the project and ask me to please open it with 7.xxx (whatever the last version here is) .


Yeah, so guess how happy i am. Is there any way to get this project to open with 8. I don;t care about plugins or anything, I just want tempo track and wave files positioning. There'sno midi whatsoever.


Is there anyway I can do this. (and i don't have any access to any former version of logic except for logic pro 8)



edit: i think i must from an even older version like 4 or so, but theres not much in it. just lots of audio files and tempo track.

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