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Panther and logic 8? or just a pipe dream


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This may be out in left field, but...


I have a mac with Panther running on a PowerMac G4 MDD with dual 1.25ghz processors and 2 gig of RAM. The previous owner said he had Leopard running on it 'without an issue'.


I wouldreally like to try Logic Express 8 but the system requirements say you need Tiger at a minimum. I hope this doesn't sound crazy, but the question is: Does Logic Express 8 really require Tiger or Leopard (which I don't have) or just a Mac of sufficient power to run Tiger or Leopard (which I think I do have). Or is there something that was introduced in Tiger that is essential to it's functioning.


I originally started won question because I heard Logic 7 runs on Panther and Logic 8, from what I've read seems to be more optimized that 7.


So will Logic Express 8 even install and run on Panther?


Thanks for humoring me :-)

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