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Determining the key of a played melody..how in L8 ?


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Hi folks,


Let's say i play a melody (eg bassline) in logic out of my head, which has say 5 different notes in it.

Now i want to determine in which key this line is in (sorry i'm a noob musician !).

I want this so i can change the song signature to this key and i can add Apple loops which then play in that key.


No i scratched my head many times over this issue, i believe maybe it can be done by building something in the environment,

but i'm not sure.


I hope someone can give me a clue here, would be awesome, cause this is a pain in the #$$ issue for me !



Kind regards !

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...cause this is a pain in the #$$ issue for me !


There is no "issue" here other than you want an easy way out. Recommend you take music lessons of some kind. Even just a few.


BTW, there's nothing about the Environment that will help you determine the key.

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I've said this before, and I'm not trying to be an ass, but if you can't figure out the key then a program that will tell you what it is won't be of any real use. It would be like having a magic device that would tell you, "Hey, these people are speaking Finnish, " but how do you then communicate with them?


My point is: 1) knowing the key won't mean much to you as far as possible chord changes, because you still won't know them, 2) you won't be able to communicate with other musicians much better, because any musician who knew theory anyway would be able to make a pretty good guess by looking at whatever notes are occurring anyway, and any musician who didn't still wouldn't be any better off.


You are probably wanting to add loops to the bassline, I am guessing. If so, you'll really be wanting to learn music theory- in any case, just learn some music theory. It isn't all that hard, millions of people do it every day. What you'll gain from this as a musician is infinitely better than some damn plug in that will tell you what your brain can tell you anyway, so just do it.

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Start taking piano lessons, man... it'll help you so much.


But in the meantime, just play an Apple loop over your bassline, and mess with the key signature until you get it by ear. You'll easily be able to hear when you near the correct key.

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