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Raid Drives Explained Please

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Can someone outline benifits of raid within Logic realms,


Am I right in thinking it would give me larger audio track counts from bounced audio of course, as in tracks playing back from hard drive,


As I am sometimes running hard drive to max and cpus to max but of course need more LOL (damn once all i needed was a 4 track a synth and a drum machine).


If so what raid setups would you use, ie some external unit that plugs into a raid card/controller.


Sorry for such a convoluted question.



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RAID is mainly about protection from crashed hard drives, except for RAID 0. Some RAID levels offer increase Read speed, but they usually have slower to Write. RAID 1 mirrored drives basically doesn't effect performance but offers protection. RAID 0 gets talked about it does offer some READ performance boost, but it offers Zero protection and if one drive in a RAID 0 set dies you the data on all drives in the set. RAID 5 is another common RAID level used. It offers a boost in Read speed, but you take a hit on write speed.


There are two types of RAID implementation Hardware RAID and Software RAID. Software RAID uses your computer to do the RAID calculations chewing up CPU cycles. Hardware RAID is a card that has its own processor and handles all RAID calculations. I like hardware RAID myself.


That is the basics on RAID and there is many more RAID levels and details if you really get into it.

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