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random channel strip volume jumps


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Hi all

I've got a fun problem - my channel strip volume fader will jump randomly, during recording, playback, whenever. It happens in all sessions. Jumps about 5-7dB, up and down.

The only thing I can think of is that I programmed something somehow - I tend to press my apple key alot, and when you press the apple key and click on a Midi region, sometimes the bin will open and SOMETIMES a cascade of midi editor windows will rain down.......I can only think I continued to press the apple key AND dragged down/up some kind of automation feature while the bin was open (which doesn't show in automation).

(It's actually a very irritating feature. Any ideas how to disable that?)


My friend tried deleting the preferences, but that didn't work.

Do I have to reinstall?

BTW I have a year old Mac Pro running Tiger 10.4.11. Programs tend to crash, from a video game to Logic Pro to Excel. Hmmmmm. Any ideas? Apple defrag sort of thing?

Thanks for the help!

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