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Sloppy drum programming

Kent Sandvik

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I need to do sloppy drum sequences, similar to alt rock music, power-pop and so forth. I could hack in something using DD-65 or a similar controller, but in case I want to do all this with a keyboard or Ultrabeat's step sequencer (or something else), any advices how to get this done?


I suspect I need to do this the old-fashioned way (i.e playing) but in case someone has advice to get this done with programming, it would be fun to share notes. For example, I think the velocities should be different everywhere, same with the timing, but just using swing factors won't cut it as that does not provide randomness...

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You'll also get some nice (and perhaps more predictable) results using the Q values in the extended region parameters box. Local View>Extended Region Parameters.


Yes, I've used those, but I wanted a more organic/random spread. So my plan is now to record drums tonight with DD-65, quantize them as much as possible, and the humanize them to again get the human touch. Or skip part two, possibly.

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You might want to take a look at this:











Cool article but it's within the 8 month limit so it can't be read by non-subscribers.


I got good results by doing MIDI input for drums, quantisize, and then using Humanise with somewhat lesser random range for velocities, down to 8 instead of 10 as too low velocity values for most drum parts makes it weak (at least for power-pop.) So that's my current strategy, seems to work really well: 1. first getting the patterns in, 2. clean up the most obvious timing mistakes, 3. make it again human.

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