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iTunes fails me

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Well I love iTunes and have a love/hate kinda thing with my iPhone (love it when it works, want to throw it out the window the rest of the time).


But lately I wanted to purchase an "album". Checked out iTunes: $9.99 for a collection of DRM protected mp3s that I can't share with my family members iPhones (are we supposed to buy one copy of the album for each family member?). Finally went to Amazon, bought the whole album DRM-free for $8.49. Even easier to use than iTunes!!! And after download, the music was in my iTunes library with the artwork and everything.


AND by the way the bit rate is higher, and the sound quality is better.


I love Apple, but ... cheaper, better, unprotected? The math is pretty simple. Not sure when/if I'll buy music again from iTunes! :(

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I stopped buying from iTunes about 6 months ago for EXACTLY the same reason. The Amazon files are usualy 256 encoded, and the DRM crap isn't there. I think that if Amazon were smart they'd spend a little $$$ on some serious marketing. They'd take a huge dent out of iTunes profits.


(and I'm RIGHT there with ya with the phone...somedays I want to fling it out of the car).

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I feel the same way with itunes .... I haven't bought digitally from amazon yet, but that's more because of less disposable income .... I plan on using them next time I buy digital music.


all this talk about the iphone has finally prompted me to start a thread that I've been wanting to do for a while now. I"m planning on getting an iphone in the next monthr or so .... please feel free to chime in there on your experience (don't want to hijack the thread even if david did kind of mention it in the OP :wink: )



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I feel dumb. I didn;t even know amazon had downloadable music. :oops:


I'll check them out from now on.


Thanks guys. :D




I don't even own a cell phone, let a lone an iPhone. It's my last stand against this new technological world which I LOVE and HATE. Plus, whenever I go out, SOMEBODY has a phone I can borrow so.... :lol: :lol:

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This is a huge problem.

I agree with everyone here that iTunes Store is falling behind.

The sad thing is that Apple are aware of the problem but can't do anything aboout it.


The iTunes Store was the first big store to dish the DRM, iTunes Plus.

But what happend later is a demonstration of power from the Big Record

Companies. iTunes got too powerful in their eyes so they are the ones that gave

Amazon the rights to distribute DRM free mp3:s.

I think that iTunes started to have too much influence on the market and the

other guys just couldn't stand it.


But you guys are lucky.

The Amazon mp3 Store does not work anywhere except in the US.


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