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"Clean Up After Recording" Destroyed several other


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Maybe I'm a bozo but I just did my first audio file clean up after recording

and low and behold all my old songs have a Lead Voc 1#??.aif.

and a Lead Gtr.... and a Bass...aif

Who knew they would all go ,I thought they were folder exclusive!

Anyway most of those ___#_.aif files are in the Trash in one big pile.

LIke, Lead Voc 1#20.aif

BUT, There were hundreds of __#_._.aif files that are nowhere.

Like, Lead Voc 1#20.12

Any clue what I did wrong and if there is a way to fix me?

Do you have to rename each track before starting a new son project so the extensions are different ooooooor What?

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Don't ever, ever, ever, ever delete audio.


You can get a Terrabyte of drive space now for, like, $250? This is enough storage space for about 10 really intense, heavily overdubbed albums at 48kHz.


Contrast that to the time and associated cost of re-tracking even a small amount of lost audio, assuming you can recreate the conditions under which it was recorded to your satisfaction.


Why would you risk throwing anything away?

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I thought they were all in different folders.

Looking at the file extensions they all had different endings specific to that song title

and locations that appeared to be folder labeled.

When I went to the first song I "cleaned up" I did just what Davids books said and selected all the "unused" filed and deleted them.

Then I open others songs and half my tracks are blank.

Is there some additional step to Separating projects in the "new"


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