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How do you import a BWAV file to the correct timecode?


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One heads up (as I understand this) - the BWF will snap to original record time code position BUT, this is based on project start times. If you're set to 01:00:00:00 and the original file came from a project the started at 00:00:00:00 the file will be in place, albeit one hour off.
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ok, got my bwav, imported into song and dragged onto arrange. had to fiddle with the timecode start point (broadcast stuff uses for first frame).


only trouble is...


whenever i try to get the file onto the arrange page, it comes up as just a thin little segment. i zoom in on the arrange page to maximum, all the while it stays super thin. i play the song and, despite having left the visible segment behind, i hear the audio file. if i double click this sliver of what should be a 90minute audio file i can see the entire waveform in the wave editor.


how can i get it to appear properly in the arrange? i need to see the waveform and move the song pos around to specific moments of the track.... :(

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