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Heavy House beat?

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A beat?


Regular 4/4 kick + snare beat with rimshots in between for added groove.


The key to making a good house kick is to have a classic 909 as the basic punch and a 80's drum machine "realistic" kick that almost sounds real but is drenched in artificial reverb, loads of 80's machines have them. Highpass the drum machine kick, compress the 909 for snap and put them on a bus with compression to glue them together and you're fine. If you want to get into more specific sound design, using a downward pitch-bend at the end, some slight timestretch in either direction and inverting the phase on the "roomy" hit might add that extra touch it's missing.


For snares its suprisingly the same thing, 909 snare for snap and a cheesy drum machine snare for depth.


Rimshots in between the 4/4 main hits are essential in house and so is a closed high-hat playing 16ths with a swing template and velocity input by hand. Add a open hi-hat pithced up by 3-4 semi-tones but make sure they're quite sparse and are being used as adding variation and further groove the beat along.

Rimshots are always 909's but hi-hats can be 909/808/606, any roland really. Toms are often used for fills, again, keep it very synthetic and go with a roland classic. If you feel like the beat doesn't really make your head bop, reversing the kick drum and placing it on strategical positions can really help the beat groove.


Do not use reverb on anything, that part should be taken care of by the second kick/snare. Delay can be used on hi-hats/rimshots in breakdowns on more progressive tracks, which Delay Designer is great for with its filter/pitch modulation.


For more in-depth programming, there's not really that much going on. You have the swing groove thanks to the hats, rimshots and reversed kicks while the toms take care of the fills. Don't mess around with off-beat kicks and snares, that's not going to further the groove. Keep it simple, but spend alot of time placing the rim-shots and setting the velocity levels on the hats by hand for a "live-feel".


And as always i'm going to refer to this amazing set of samples that has everything you need for a house beat: http://www.hexawe.net/mess/200.Drum.Machines/

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