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Routing midi to an insert effect.


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I decided that I want to mangle some drums with the Moog Modular V, so here is what I did. I dropped the Moog Modular EFX effect as an insert in the Ultrabeat channel. set up the patch to go the way I want, and then ran into a problem.


The only way I can hear the drums is if I hold a key on the MMV keyboard. Someone told me that I need to route a midi track to control the effect, but I am unsure how to do that. I checked the manuals for both Logic and MMV and could not find my answer. I know what I need to do, I just dont know how to do it.


If anyone could help, that would be awesome.

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No the Moog Modular V is a midi controlled effect. I can use my midi keyboard to control the drums in the channel, but somehow I need to get midi into the effect, and I'm not sure how to do that. When I click the keyboard in the GUI for the Modular it works fine. Is there a way to send midi note data to an effect?
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Yes - there are two installed. One opens on audio insert effects as 'Minimoog Efx' and the other opens as normal on a software instrument slot.


Neither of these has a sidechain option.


I've contacted Arturia many moons ago - with no response.


Frustrating !!!!

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There should be another selection option to load this effect. On an instrument channel, the Input slot should have an "AU MIDI Controlled Effects" category. Look there for the Moog. If it's not there, maybe it didn't validate. If it is there, load it and you should see a sidechain input on the plug-in header. If that's not there, then contact the manufacturer about that.


If it does load, and it does have a sidechain input, you'll need to assign UB's output to a bus first, then assign the Moog's sidechain input to that bus, because Instrument channels themselves do not have sidechain taps.


If you're using UB in multi-out mode, then you'll need to assign the aux to a bus instead.


Once that's all set up, sequence MIDI on the Moog track to gate the effects on, and control its properties.

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thanks for that ....


I have tried it though - Arturia stuff doesn't show under 'AU MIDI-Controlled Effects'


Other things I have do though. Have checked the AU Manager to see if something didn't validate, and it's all validated.


Have contacted Arturia, to no avail.


It seems that the 'efx' version of the plug-in is essentially useless - in Logic anyway ..... unless anyone knows how to set-up the MIDI, I've tried all the environment guides



aaaaarrrggghhh !

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Hi folks....I've been trying to find precisely the same info and stumbled on this thread. I've successfully controlled effects via MIDI on Sonar and Cubase (on PC) but I've not yet managed to any way alter or control an effect via MIDI in Logic 8 (on an audio or an instrument track).


I'm not even sure why "Logic" is set up so illogically; accomplishing this seems unnecessarily complicated.


I started out just trying to do the most basic, bare-bones test: Control the cutoff of a software instrument's insert "Channel EQ". Piece o cake, right?


First I set up a "Cutoff" event definition (controller 17) in the hyper editor and tried the Control-L thing, but unless you're aiming to use an external control device this is pointless; it correctly identifies the knob I clicked in the Channel EQ window but says "No message received"...ostensibly because it's waiting for EXTERNAL MIDI not data from the hyper editor. It didn't learn anything.


Then I tried the empty instrument with an effect as an insert thing, and tried referencing that track as a sidechain from the original track I wanted it to affect (is this looking complicated enough yet? omg). But if you create a new software instrument track with no instrument, all of the effects are listed as "mono". How is THAT supposed to work? My track is stereo, dude!


Then I got to thinking: Hey, maybe none of the insert-able effects in Logic 8 are controllable via MIDI and that only third-party "AU MIDI-controlled effects" can be used. Am I wrong? Please tell me I'm wrong.


Should I not be able to control *ANY* Logic Pro insert effect via MIDI? And if so, how freakin complicated have they made it? (ie: What if I want to control an average of 4 effect inserts per software instrument/audio track? 16 software instruments x 4 MIDI FX....that's A LOT of empty tracks!)


All this just to have a little fun with some Channel EQ. Holy moly. Obviously I'm very confused. Any help would go a long way, tx. :cry:

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I got I work around if you're interested. The main problem seem to be that there seems to be no way to have the audio channel permanently open on the MMV without a trigger. So - turn release on the VCAs up full and press any key on the virtual keyboard. You'll hear your audio track running. Route the output to, say, Bus 1. Create another Audio channel and set the input to Bus 1. You can record your mangled sound to this track. A bit fiddly but it works.
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