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remote sl not supported?

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I know a lot of folks use it successfully with Logic, but if you have more than one control surface, it seems to hiccup quite a bit, often not being recognized when launching Logic. So I've uninstalled the RemoteSL plug-in bundle and just use it as a dumb controller. That's great for me.


I had tried all the Automap stuff, but I found that cumbersome to work with. I like making fixed templates for things. I'm ready to uninstall its USB MIDI driver too and just plug it into my MIDI interfaces. Anything to keep things simpler!

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I haven't used an MC Mix/Control, it appears to offer a far more comprehensive approach to controlling & integrating with Logic than the remote sl does, by what I've read.


As for Automap in Logic. There is a template called Logic Mixer Automap that maps to the mixer when you open Logic, which can be switched to instrument mode. In this mode, it automaps/displays the parameters to whatever instrument (Logic/3rd Party) is selected. However, you aren't able to determine how these are mapped to the control surface (as you can when using the Automap Plug In or Template Editor).


So when using any instrument with lots of mappable parameters such as ES2, Sculpture, e.t.c, you can end up having to scroll through up to 11-12 pages (20+ assignments per page) of these mapped parameters (displayed on the LCD's) to find that 1 virtual knob/fader/button you want to tweak, that's often just a mouse click or 2 away... Hence, I'd agree with the post above that it can be cumbersome to work with, particularly when using it this way.


Even with recent updates for the OS & the Automap software, it has remained that way for some time. So, I would say there most likely hasn't been any updates to the way Automap works with Logic in this respect.


Having said that, I'm having fun with it as it is.


Hey, Great site you folks have here. I much appreciate it.

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forgot to check in, thanx for all the insight. I agree with the simplicity idea - at least until the automap works better. I'll also go the "dumb controller" route for now.... still lrearning logic, i been a cubase and a live guy for years. very bummed not to have stretchable audio, am so used to being able to fix a take that's almost right. Really thought logic 8 would have done that by now. Also missing being able to adjust overall tempo anytime like in Live... but the instrument pallette and plugins in Logic are just amazing. I wish i could run Logic as rewire slave to Live!!!
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