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Cool Search Function in Logic


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It would be so cool if Logic 8 could adapt the search function of the browser to access my synth presets.


This is a REALLY cool new thing in Nuendo/Cbse. in the midi inspector a small drop down box. You can type in words,... "strings" " Piano" etc..


Instantly brings up all the matching patches on soft synths, AND the hardware synths on the said track.


It sure helps to find what you are needing in the sea of 5,000,000 patches.


Maybe Logic 9?



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Hi David,


I was talking about Logic being able to search patches in external synths, in addition. I know L8 can call up pre-saved channel strips.


But, I find it so cool to access ALL patches in the Motif ES or Fantom simply by typing a search word in the channel inspector,. It really helps move things along.


Unless, I'm greatly mistaken,... (quite possible) but I've looked for a way,.

L8 doesn't offer this.


In addition, there is a search box in soft synths,.. very cool especially given the amount of VI's and patches in each one.


Let me know if I'm wrong please,..





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