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Should I invest in Reaktor 5 and why?

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hello everybody, I was just wondering if anyone here uses reaktor 5? I'm quite new at producing/logic etc but am very interested in Electronic music production. I am a member over on http://www.idmforums.com and it seems that everyone over there is using Reaktor. To be honest I'm not even 100 percent sure exactly what its used for. If anyone has any information or could give me a lowdown that would be fantastic!!! Thanks

Danny King.


p.s. sorry if this is in the wrong section but diddn't know where to post.

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It's the right section! :wink:


Not sure whether you've already done this or not, but you may want to check out the Reaktor 5 page - it should give you a good idea of what it is and what you could use it for. It also has a little flash player to hear samples of what it can do.




Basically it's a very very flexible synth programming environment, meaning you can simply use presets which are all sorts of original weird synths, or you can actually make your own synths using whatever architecture you like, cabling VCOs, VCFs, VCAs, modulation sources, faders, knobs, etc....

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You should buy it because:


You instantly get access to all the thousand-something ensembles (plug-ins, basically) in the Reaktor User Library. There's synths, samplers, sequencers, samplers, effects, grooveboxes etc. There's so many great ones that make sounds that nothing else does. The synths also has a different sound to them than other virtual instruments.


And when the time is right you can get into building your own ensembles, studying any ensemble from the user library and mix them up or make your own from scratch. For example Squarepusher and Autechre does it this way.


If you get it, you should basically use Logic as a tape recorder, that's the best way to go. And to use it properly in a idm context you should re-sample everything and put it into Sampler Ensembles, tweaking it live while recording again.

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Wow. Thanks David, Kraze. So its a very powerfull tool? I think I will do more research before I buy. And get up to scratch on Logic. Is there a steep learning curve? I've heard its very demanding. And also would proficient use of Reaktor make for more origionalality? I'm sick of loops and sample libraries and really would like to learn more about synthesis. Thanks Again.


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As said, using ensembles doesn't really take much skills, it's similar to using any other plug-in.


Programming and getting into the enviroment definently has a learning curve. But as said, even then you can start by observing any ensemble and modify/combine/skin them first.


You can check out the User Library if you want to see what ensembles are availibe, there's thousand and they're definently different to Commerical plugins which in a way is a step towards originality.

http://www.native-instruments.com/index.php?id=userlibrary_us Browse the categories and read.


And as said, using Logic as a taperecorder and then re-sampling and throwing it into Reaktor again and again really is a cool creative way to use it. Reaktor is also amazing for just mangling up sounds to start out songs with or to flesh out existing ideas with. The only type of sound i'd consider to be automatically Reaktor releatable is a few of the Grain ensembles, but they are great so just use them anyway.


Get rid of most other plug-ins, buy Reaktor and waste bandwidth at the user library. It's a bit of a difference in using Reaktor Ensembles, but you'll be glad you made the jump!

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