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Recording from Motif/Mophatt problems

Grizzly Jones

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Alright check it, I have the Motif 6 classic, the famous MOPHATT sound module and Logic Pro 8. When I record In logic using the intrument sounds, everthing is beautiful. BUT when i try to record sounds from my motif and my mophatt, everything records good. Great actually but the problem I am having is with the tempo being way off. Like Say i record a 4 bar bassline part from my motif, and then i usually quantize it, and then i loop it for the entire song, it always sounds way off. I mean way off. BUt when i record in logic with the logic sounds its always on. Am i doing something wrong here? Its frustrating because i have so many sounds in my mophatt and motif that i want to use into logic but it doesn't seem to record right. ANy suggestions here? I mean when im recording its on beat/on tempo even with quantize off...but when i loop its just not on the rythm AT ALL!!!
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